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My Whole Family Has Been Coming Here For Years!

We've been going here for years. My dad and my sister also take their cars here. They do smog checks along with other auto service. I had two of my cars recently smog checked here. While various places advertise coupons and discounts, when you call there's additional charges for larger/older vehicles or the smog certificate. Quality Auto charged me $35 out the door on each vehicle. On my older SUV I had them replace the brakes on it. The work is usually completed on time. Aric, the owner is very competent and willing to explain problems. Minor stuff like checking the check engine light code or checking the brakes, he didn't charge me at all.

-- Joe K.

Like Knowing A Good Doctor Or Dentist!

It's helpful to know a good dentist, doctor, and yes-- a mechanic. We frequently need services provided by one of these professionals. I used to take our car to the dealer but I've found a replacement. 

Ask for Aric: The main mechanic Aric is a kind man who provides honest and clear information about the services that your car needs/does not need.

We have taken our cars for services as basic as oil changes and air filter replacements to major work such as hose replacements, etc. Call ahead and describe your car problem to Aric and he will let you know what to do. Ask Aric about his estimate of length of time of work-- he will inform you what day/time would be best if you are looking for a certain time frame to have your car ready by. 

Prices: The rates for services seem "just about" what I should pay for. It's not super cheap or super expensive. It seems "just right" in the rate they should be charging. 

[*UPDATE: WE HAVE A NEW ADDRESS] Other thoughts: If/when you arrive to the location, it's the first "garage" on your right hand side as you enter from Reseda (whether coming in the north or south direction of Reseda. I think that it's probably "Suite A"). You will notice that there are many "garages" of what appears to be different car-related shops. Parking and space seems cramped but I have not had any challenges of finding a spot right next to their shop or in their shop area. 

Understand that this is not your "dealership" type area where there is free coffee, free wi-fi, a tv, etc. If your car requires lots of work, I would have someone either drop you off and pick you up later as there aren't retail stores, coffee shops, etc. around the area. There are a handful of restaurants around (Chinese, Vietnamese, and Mexican). Also, there are some thrift shops on Sherman Way-- a little southeast from the shop (about a 5 minute walk). There are other random stores on Sherman Way in both directions (north/south). 

One suggestion is to either request for them to call you with a time estimate or you should call and check-in to see when your car will be ready by-- if/when your car is getting a lot of work done. 

Hope ya find a good mechanic!

-- Julie L.

I Moved To Vegas But Still Use Him Because I Trust Him!

I've been using Aric as my mechanic for over 15 years and I still use him even though I now live in Las Vegas. I schedule to have him work on my truck whenever we are in California as he is the only guy I trust.

-- Lawrence J.

Nice And Honest Shop - 20-Year Happy Customer!

Been coming to this shop for more than 20 years. Aric is such a nice person. Always takes care of all my needs. He will always give you options and tell you exactly what you need. He doesnt force any repairs that is not needed. One of most honest shops I found and used.

-- Jonas O.

15-Year Satisfied Customer!

Moved to new better location: 8765 Reseda Blvd, Northridge, CA 91324 (Along Reseda Blvd, turn at Gresham). Aric has been my family mechanic for past 15 years - Toyota cars through the years. Kudos to Aric & Ken!

-- Gil A.

Clearly Explains Problems And Their Solutions...

Aric on is a highly competent and very courteous mechanic. He fixed my car to a tip-top shape and was able to clearly explain the extent of the problems and required solutions. I would highly recommend this reputable body shop to my friends and family.

-- Ocean M.

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