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Smog Check

Did you get a smog check notice in the mail from the DMV? Bring your car to us and we'll perform the required smog check and quickly submit all the required documents directly to the DMV. You'll be in and out in no time!

Engine Repair and Tune Up

Did you get that check engine light? Is it time for regular service? Do you hear a strange sound? Bring your car to us! We'll expertly perform all manufacturing required tune ups just like the dealer would, but without charging you your life savings. We'll evaluate and diagnose your issue with a road test and our up-to-date monitoring and testing equipment. We'll tell you what we find, your options to fix it, and an estimate to get your car running like new. Once we fix it, we take it for another road test to make sure it's all done right!

Brakes, Tire Rotation, Inspection

Do your brakes make that squeaky sound? Do you feel too many bumps in the road? Does your car drift to the left or to the right when you drive? Bring it in and let us lift your car up and take a look underneath! We'll make sure your brakes, wheels, and entire set up that makes your car go, is in proper working condition. This helps you stay safe on the road, and proper working tires and brakes help you save gas.

Oil Change and Fluid Change

We quickly and professionally change your oil and other necessary fluids (like transmission, power steering, brake, etc.) and replace them with manufactured recommended grades and brands. Keep your car and engine fluids topped off and clean, so that the metal parts don't rub against each other and break down when you're on the freeway! Bring your car in and let us have a look! Don't be that guy stuck on the road with the steam steaming out of his car. 

3rd Party Auto Inspection

Do you want to buy or sell a used car, and need to find everything that's wrong with it first? Bring it in! We'll run an in depth, multi-point inspection, and draw up your car's maintenance and repair plan. If your budget is tight we'll discuss which repairs are a priority and which you can put off until later. Then we'll also give you an estimate on how much it costs to get the car up to everyday enjoyment drive quality.

Check Engine Light, Funny Sounds, Something Else Not On This Page

Don't wait until the last minute... It could be too late! If there's something you need, or think your car or truck needs, but don't see on this page -- CALL-- (818) 718-8870. If we can handle it, we'll tell you. If not, we can probably refer you to someone who can help!

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